Peder B. Helland – All Will Be Well


Peder B. Helland’s latest single All Will Be Well showcases his signature style of soothing and inspirational music. Over 11 minutes in length, this track continues Helland’s tradition of creating relaxing compositions that resonate with millions of listeners worldwide. A shorter, radio edit is also available.

Helland is without a doubt the most popular New Age music artist of the “Youtube age”. As the creative force behind Soothing Relaxation, Helland has established himself as one of the most popular meditation music artists globally. All Will Be Well features his characteristic blend of gentle melodies and calming instrumentation, designed to evoke a sense of peace and optimism. It aligns with Helland’s previous works, which often incorporate elements of New Age music and ambient. The title itself suggests a message of hope and reassurance, themes that are common in Helland’s repertoire.

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Given Helland’s background in film music and his interest in creating emotive melodies, All Will Be Well features a cinematic quality that transports listeners to a tranquil mental space. The track is as usual accompanied by a visually stunning music video, as Helland is known for pairing his music with beautiful nature imagery. Check it out:

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