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Secret Garden – Storyteller Out Now


Secret Garden’s 10th original studio album “Storyteller” has now been released. It is their first release since “Winter Poem” eight years ago.

With over 400.000 monthly listeners on Spotify and several million albums sold, Secret Garden is one of the leading bands on the New Age music scene. They are also one of the very few bands in our genre with success in Korea and China.

On the day of release (26 April 2019), Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Løvland have this to say in their newsletter:

“Even though we had great success and response to our “Just the Two of US” album (one of our favourites ), “Live at Kilden” and “You Raise Me Up: The Collection”; “Storyteller” is very special and means so much to us both.

From the initial concept of the album to the final mix, its been a truly wonderful journey of writing, arranging, recording, producing and working with some of the most wonderful incredible artists including the incredible Czech National Symphony Orchestra. We have traveled between Norway, Ireland, the UK and the Czech Republic to produce “Storyteller”.

“Storyteller” is very much true to Secret Garden form of mostly instrumental melodies, each telling their own unique stories. We’ve also included three vocal songs sung by 3 amazing and different artists who are part of our Secret Garden family as regular featured tour artists – Brian Kennedy, Catherine Iversen, and Espen Grotheim.

The journey has also been one of very hard work. “Storyteller” has been all consuming and the main driving force of our lives for the past few years. We are now finally ready to let it go – out of our hands and hearts and out into the world. Hoping that you will enjoy this new work and that you will be able to hear the new stories we are telling with “Storyteller”!

Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Løvland

For more information, see secretgarden.no

In other news, the album is being totally trashed in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Read the Google Translate article here. This is, interestingly enough, the only article about this recording in a major newspaper, worldwide, as of writing (13:00 hrs 26 April 2019).

For your enjoyment, here are all videos uploaded in connection with the release:

The first single from the album is called “Strength”. It was released on March 1st. 

And here’s a Behind The Scenes for the above song:

And here’s the interview about “Strenght”:

This is indeed a BIG day for Secret Garden’s millions of fans 🙂