Sherry Finzer – Acceptance


The title of Sherry Finzer’s fourth solo album, her first digital-only release, is “Acceptance”. Guest artists on the album feature Nick Finzer, Darin Mahoney, Chris B. Jácome and Greg Maroney.

After many collaborations and award- winning albums, “Acceptance” is New Age flutist Sherry Finzer’s first solo release since “Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream” in 2014. Consisting of 5 newly recorded songs, and 5 of her most-popular, this album comes full-circle for Sherry as the stories behind the music begin with her childhood experiences and journey to more recent days. After looking back on these memories for decades, she came to the realization that good can come from even the darkest of times. A negative can be changed to a positive. Sherry has been aware of how her music has helped others, but only recently realized how it helped to save her many years ago.

Acceptance is an album filled with dedications. “Ode to John” takes Sherry’s story back to her musical beginning and classical roots, with her version of Samuel Barbers “Adagio for Strings” performed on C, Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes, which is dedicated to John Merrill, an elderly and ill gentleman entering hospice care whom Sherry never met, but randomly reached out to her the same day that her 13 year old dog was passing to let her know how much her music helped him in getting through daily bouts of physical pain. That phone call, and the ones that followed, actually helped Sherry during her time of grieving. The previously released single with guitarist Darin Mahoney, “In the Light of Darkness”, was written for a dear friend who lost her baby during childbirth, and is dedicated to Caitlyn, Chris and Maeve. “The Beauty Lies Within” is a world-wide dedication to teenage girls, who often let bullying affect them in a way that defines their destiny – know that you are unique and special in your own way and that appearances are just that – the true you is what lies within.

In Sherry’s own words, this is what the album is all about: 

“Life is constantly changing. We ride the roller coaster up and down, through the twists and turns, some of them so rough we don’t know if we will ever recover. Our expectations that formed early in life easily change direction with each light or strong breeze. We often find ourselves in places that we never imagined – some of these places happy, warm, and nurturing – some dark, desolate and destructive. It is only when the realization of Acceptance of our situations, past and present, comes upon us that we can find peace within, and a way to cope with what IS in THIS moment, for we are not able to change the past, but each one of us has the power to change the future. We are led along our paths for various reasons – to learn some type of lesson, whether it be patience, understanding, compassion, love, etc. One can choose to let the challenges of life keep them in a dark place, or they can choose to believe that good can come from their experience and suffering during those bleak times. ”

Sherry was thrilled to be able to work on this project with her eldest son and jazz trombonist, Nick Finzer. “The Moment of Acceptance” features Nick on keys and trombone, and is dedicated to Sherry’s father-in-law and Nick’s grandfather, Joseph C Finzer Jr. who passed in January, 2018. Sherry and Nick recorded his composition from Hear and Now, “Love Wins”, and he can also be heard on the warmhearted and upbeat song “Never Far”, dedicated to Sherry’s partner and husband of 35 years, Chuck Finzer.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr