The Great Northern – Oceans


Oceans, the follow up to 2021’s Nocturnes, continues The Great Northern’s journey of sonic exploration through the incorporation of Analog synthesizers and organic instruments. Newly from Nocturnes, Oceans makes heavy use of modular synthesizers and samplers to further blur the lines between traditional instrumentation and electronic music, which is delivered in the warm, dark melodic style that has come to signify The Great Northern.

Press release by Higher Level Media

The Great Northern (aka: Ben Jackson) is a Nashville based producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and session musician. As a producer, Ben has number 1 albums in both the Rock and Country genres, from Sister Hazel’s “Fire” and “Wind” albums. He can be found working longside Singer/Songwriters, Americana, Pop and Country/Rock artists.

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As a composer, Ben has contributed to films, television shows and advertisements with original compositions. In 2019 Ben founded The Great Northern, an instrumental music project consisting of original compositions, whose first album Nocturnes heavily explores the sound scapes of analog synthesizers in conjunction with organic instrumentation.

For more information, see The Great Northern’s Bandcamp page.