The Song Gardeners – Altered State – New Single Today


In our hectic, modern lives, longing for a little peace of mind is not uncommon. But Covid19 and everything it entails has made this need even more pressing. “I want to leave this crazy world for a while. Switch off the news and turn the radio dial,” sings The Song Gardeners on their new single “Altered State” – and continues: “Tune into love the highest frequency, and melt with the consciousness of unity.” It sounds tempting! The Song Gardeners may cure some of the tension 2020 has brought upon us.

“Altered State” has just been released! Be among the first to hear it:

In June we had the pleasure of introducing the new San Francisco Bay Area band The Song Gardeners. It features Corrie Dunn, Mary Gospe and Chris Day. They debuted with two original songs, “Love Flows” and “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May All Beings Be Well). In our review, we wrote: “The two singles are a promising introduction to The Song Gardeners. Asking for more music, a whole album perhaps, seems like the only logical conclusion. We would love to see what more their garden has to offer.” Now the day has come, and “Altered State” is here!

Altered State
If we were to put a label on the new single, it would be a ChillGroove/New Age Groove song. Its catchy rhythm makes the listener pay attention, and when Mary Gospe’s brilliant vocal comes on the band has our undivided attention. Leaving this crazy world for a while and joining them in an altered state seems like a great idea!

I love how the song flows; it is a well-crafted pop song. The rhythm is both soft and hard at the same time. Notice the synth effect in the beginning; it is almost like a low-intensity alarm before a much smoother synth takes its place. It is an indication of the shift that is “the altered state”. Above I commented on Mary Gospe’s vocal, but Corrie Dunn is backing her wonderfully too. I enjoy the almost hypnotic “swirling and spinning, no end no beginning”, and the seductive “Oh won’t you join me there? We’ll dance among the stars.”

On a deeper level, “Altered State” can be interpreted as a recommendation to log off social media, 24/7 newsfeeds and start meditating (using 1970s logic it might be more of a suggestion to do LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs, but I don’t think that is the case here…). Judging by the video, the altered state is about recognizing that our everyday problems are tiny (to say the least) compared to the vastness of space. There is a lot of healing in that.

“Altered State” is, all in all, an extremely promising single by The Song Gardeners! While “Love Flows” and “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” very much appeal to us New Age music enthusiasts (we know that for a fact after having had the songs on high rotation on New Age Stars Radio for the last few months), “Altered State” will please a much broader audience. One thing seems certain; The Song Gardeners is a band to follow in the age of Covid19 – and beyond. 

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