Introducing The Song Gardeners


The Song Gardeners, a brand new band featuring Corrie Dunn, Mary Gospe and Chris Day, debuts today with two original songs, “Love Flows” and “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May All Beings Be Well). Take my word for it; you don’t have to listen long before The Song Gardeners plant a seed of hope, peace and love in your heart. Their blessing for humanity is a welcome gift in this conflict-ridden age.

The people behind The Song Gardeners are from the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris Day plays bass, while the vocals, guitar, piano, and flute are by Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe. The band’s motto is #love. Gospe also recently released the album “Time to Soar”. In our review, we wrote: “Her music is like the missing link between the genres; Energetic and accessible like Pop/Rock, but with the deep emotional quality of New Age music.”

Love Flows
The single “Love Flows” is a welcoming and highly optimistic pop/crossover song. The slow rhythm, steel-string guitar and bass lay the foundation before Mary Gospe enters the stage. Her magnificent vocal makes you hang on to every word. The lyrics are about how the journey of self-discovery and love is impossible without peace. “In this stillness, may you be blessed, comforted in times of chaos and stress,” sings Gospe. It is a timely message; rarely have we needed quiet contemplation more than now. But the song’s purpose is not limited to the age of Covid19 and racial riots.

“Love Flows” Lyric Video – The Song Gardeners from Mary Gospe on Vimeo.

Notice the inspiring conclusion:

May you discover your own truth
May you find your purpose, what you’re here to do
May you fall in love with who you are
An exquisite shining star

This is a life-changing discovery, in my opinion. It is the essence of the self, something you wished you had known when you were in your teens. It is as beautiful as it is important.

I love the melody! I could listen to it all day, and still be amazed by its loving atmosphere. I also like the production and the electric guitar in the end. “Love Flows” is a genuine soft pop song with broad appeal. Its replay value is obvious from the first listen. And most importantly; it is a fabulous introduction to The Song Gardeners!

“Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May All Beings Be Well)
Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu, a Buddhist chant of happiness, is our guiding star on the next song – where we are greeted by light percussion, electric guitar, and piano. I don’t know if Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu is a mantra, but it has that meditative quality. The lyrics are hopeful and inspirational, wishing spiritual awareness and good luck.

“Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu (May All Beings Be Well)” Lyric Video – The Song Gardeners from Mary Gospe on Vimeo.

It opens our eyes to the beauty of the world:

In the light, the colors of the earth shine through
Painting the hillside, every shade of green and blue

The song is about taking a spiritual journey. Following a sacred road will give you a new point of view. It is a journey of the mind, discovering how inner peace is the key to a good life, filled with compassion and beauty.

The recording and mixing are outstanding; notice how the song creates a “room of sound”. It is almost hypnotic, and I find myself wishing for the song to go on and on. A little over 4 minutes is way too little. An extended version would be most welcome.

In conclusion: Minnie Amoniuer, the 18th-century poet, said, “there’s always music among the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it.” The music of The Song Gardeners also has this quality. It makes our hearts quiet. It opens our minds too. The two singles are a very promising introduction to The Song Gardeners. Asking for more music, a whole album perhaps, seems like the only logical conclusion. I would love to see what more their garden has to offer!

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