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Two New Singles by David Wahler: Two Hearts & Love Lost


Composer, recording artist David Wahler has released two new singles, TWO HEARTS and LOVE LOST, in advance of his upcoming album TWO HEARTS, which will release August 30, 2019.

“I, like many, have been affected by the divisions of negativity in the past few years. By focusing on love and the powerful connections that spiritually unite us we can overcome much of the challenges we face.” Award-winning Wahler, fresh from his 2019 ZMR Music Awards’ Best Meditation/Relaxation album win, MOSAIC, is known for his lush orchestrations and evocative keyboard melodies.

TWO HEARTS will be his seventh full-length album. With it he changes gears to present a reflective, personal testament to the power of love. “I wear my ‘heart on my sleeve’ with this album”, Wahler states. “I’ve lived with love gained and love lost throughout my long life. I don’t know of anyone who cannot relate to the emotion of love.”

TWO HEARTS, the title single from the album, celebrates the tie that binds one to another; from our human relationships to our precious pets, and all living creatures throughout the planet.

LOVE LOST focuses on the pain of loss – reflecting on the often difficult lessons learned when parting with cherished loved ones.

You may purchase TWO HEARTS on iTunes. For more information and music samples, see davidwahler.com

Both singles are now featured on New Age Stars Radio, and we will of course return with a full review as soon as the album has been released.