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ZMR Music Awards Winners


The broadcasters have spoken, the votes have been tabulated and now ZoneMusicReporter presents the winners of the 2018 ZMR Music Awards as presented Live in New Orleans on May 18, 2019!

The winners are: 

Album Of The Year
Artist: Jeff Oster
Label: Retso Records

Best New Artist
Woodland Moons
Artist: Marcia Watson Bendo
Label: Marcia Watson Bendo/Heartnotes Music

Best Contemporary Instrumental Album
An Open Sky
Artist: Ryan Judd
Label: Rhythem Tree

Best Piano Album – Solo
Fellowship of Solitude
Artist: Lynn Tredeau
Label: Self Released

Best Piano Album w / Instrumentation
Moonlight In Empty Rooms
Artist: Heidi Breyer
Label: Winterhall Records

Best Electronic Album
Colors of the Ambient Sky
Artist: David Arkenstone
Label: QDV Productions

Best Ambient Album
Evensong: Canticles for the Earth
Artist: Meg Bowles
Label: Kumatone Records

Best Neo-Classical Album
Small Treasures
Artist: Kerani
Label: Kerani Music

Best Relaxation/Meditation Album
Artist: David Wahler
Label: Darius Productions

Best Chill/Groove Album
Auriga to Orion
Artist: Majestica
Label: Heart Dance Records

Best World Album
Healing Music Volume 2
Artist: Valerie Romanoff
Label: Valrock Music

Best Vocal Album
A World Away
Artist: 2002
Label: Galactic Playground Music

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Wow! There’s so much great music here and so much talent! Congratulations to all!

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