Carl Borden – Good Morning Light


Some music is so visual that you can almost “see” it. I think it takes the listening experience to new heights as it ignites your imagination. Carl Borden’s “Good Morning Light” has this rare quality in abundance. Released both as a single and as a part of myndstream’s Summer Song Flights, this is a piece of music that you can turn to whenever you need to lighten up your day. 

Carl Borden is an American composer, record producer, recording artist, and music engineer. Carl holds a degree in Sound and Music Technology from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. His music has been featured on The Fox television series Scream Queens and the TV series Single Ladies. He debuted as a New Age music artist with “Echoes of Bliss” in 2016, for which the Global Music Awards honored him with silver medals in both Best New Age Album and Album Production. His most recent albums are “Breathe” (2017), “Morning Embrace” (2019), and Beyond the Sunrise (2020).

Here Carl presents Good Morning Light:

Good Morning Light
As Carl says in the above Youtube video, Good Morning Light is all about enjoying the sun, feeling good, and getting the best possible start to your day. Carl uses less than 10 seconds to get the music rolling (or perhaps I should say shining). Just a few chords and some well-selected sounds of nature it all that it takes. From this rises a generous ambient melody that instantly finds its way to the listener’s heart. Borden is on par with masters such as Chuck Wild, Deuter, and Dean Evenson. If you like what you hear, check out his discography here.

Take my word for it; Waking up to this inspired piece of music is amazing! Give it a go and you will see that it is a musical carpe diem of the highest order. 

myndstream’s Summer Song Flight consists of six tracks. Though they are being released separately, they are all part of the same body of work. It offers a radical and refreshing twist on the old album/single perspective. When you get to know the release, you will see that a new way of releasing music takes shape. It is a concept where every track counts even more than before, both as a part and a whole.