Alan Matthews – Denial’s End


Even a casual reading of the song titles on Alan Matthews’ second album, “Denial’s End” – the follow-up to 2017’s The Ineffable, nominated for Best New Artist by Zone Music Reporter – would lead one to deduce that the music on the recording came from a place of emotional challenges and more than a little sadness, but also an awakening sense of acceptance and even growth.

Press release by Ed and Stacey Bonk –

Unlike the discernible jazziness of “The Ineffable”, the twelve pieces on “Denial’s End” tend to walk a weightier path, one that can be reflective, somber, even melancholic, but also hopeful and, if not optimistic, at least a sense of breaking throughout of shadows and into the light.

There are still some lighter moments sprinkled here and there on the album, but not as breezy as on “The Ineffable”. Once again, Matthews traveled to Imaginary Road and worked with the duo of Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton, as well as being joined by a handful of the Imaginary Road Studio’s immensely talented guest artists (five tracks feature Matthews’ playing solo).

Will Ackerman had this to say about Alan Matthews, “There are few higher compliments that I can offer anyone than to say that a piece (or body of work) sounds unlike anyone else…And this occurs through the whole program.”

The album is available on CD Baby.