Alan Matthews – The Ineffable


There is a belief held by some that the worlds of science and art run counter to each other, the former being fact-based, logical, and requiring great discipline, the latter rooted in heeding the call of one’s muse, baring one’s soul to the world, and tapping a well-spring of creative inspiration. However, in the case of Alan Matthews, who, in that part of his life which lies separate from music, sees him practicing medicine and treating the ill, perhaps such is not the case. On “The Ineffable”, Matthews displays deep emotional commitment to his piano melodies, a sincere, subtle passion that he, perhaps, also taps into when helping people get better.

Press release by Ed and Stacey Bonk –

Maybe the link between music and healing is not just some “new age” theory, but truly exists. If it does, Matthews is uniquely qualified to practice the “art and science” of healing” in these distinctly different methods.

As Will Ackerman states in the album’s liner notes “Alan Matthews lives in a very cerebral world as a physician. Given the discipline of his work, it astounds me that his spirit and his emotional life as a pianist and composer are so stunningly and vividly alive…The result of this rare synthesis of mind and spirit presents us with one of the finest debut recordings I can remember.”

Music reviewer Dick Metcalf (Contemporary Fusion Reviews) in his review of the album (titled “Indescribably delicious piano debut”) states ” What stands out most brilliantly as you listen to Alan’s creations is just how unique his playing is… again, Will Ackerman also said that Alan’s music “sounds unlike anyone else.“; in my mind, there is no higher compliment than that.”

Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire reviewer, offers this opinion of The Ineffable: “Matthews brings something new to the table for most Imaginary Road recordings
– an infusion of subtle jazziness married to a distinct air of reflection and introspection.
Not an easy task, but this new artist does it with such ease and grace that it blew me away the first time I played the album.”

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