Arrizza – Voyage to Eternity


Multi-instrumentalist and New Age/World guitarist and composer, Arrizza, has done it once again with his latest offering, Voyage to Eternity. Coming from the success of his 2022 album, Astronomia, this new concept album continues on the path of New Age and Electronic sensibility with a new twist.

In this album, Arrizza explores new territory with fresh exciting sounds, effects and stellar production. Blurring the line between Contemporary Instrumental, New Age and Electronica, these 12 new compositions tell a tale of fantasy and romanticism. Titles such as Earendel and Voyage to Eternity capture the essence of escapism and the adventurous spirit.

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Arrizza says, “I had wanted to experiment with themes of fantasy and romanticism on this album, I have been a fan of fantasy from writers like J.R.R. Tolkien and various other fantasy tales and movies. I also have been a hopeless romantic at heart, drawing my inspirations from real-life love themes experienced throughout my life”.

As always, the Electronic element, while more subdued here, is still the dominant driving force – overladen with pulsating sequences and infectious grooves. New to this recording is the liberal use of vocals throughout in songs such as the operatic Fantasia Sacra or the rhythmic Siren’s Dance. Arrizza’s trusted Spanish guitar also makes a triumphant return to the musical stage – in addition to beautiful violins, cellos, and electric guitar.

Arrizza is a Spanish guitarist and multi-instrumental composer from Long Island, NY who started his musical career back in 2014 with his first eponymous album, Arrizza. He has since released two following albums, Electronic Dreams and Astronomia, along with a couple of singles. One of them has also earned him a nomination of “Best Contemporary Instrumental Single” for the 2022 OWMR awards.

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