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Interview with Peter Kater about Grammy Award


What do Katy Perry, Nas, Dierks Bentley, Martina McBride and Diana Ross have in common with pianist/composer Peter Kater? They have all been nominated for a Grammy Award at least 12 times, which already puts him in exceptional company.

Press release by Amanda Alexandrakis, Music Promotion, Inc

Celebrating his lucky number 13th Grammy nomination, Peter felt “happy, relieved, excited and gratified” when he got the news. A prolific composer, he is always honored when one of his compositions is singled out, and he has said Dancing on Water [the title comes from a swim in the oceans of Maui, Hawaii during a rainstorm where it looked as though the raindrops were dancing on top of the ocean] may be his last solo piano release for a while.. “I’ve consistently put out at least 2 records a year for my entire career. The music just keeps coming. I do soundtracks too, and often release those well. I’m not just motivated, I’m following my muse. The piano is definitely my voice and I’ve realized that playing is the most honest and true thing I can do.”

An inexhaustible composer, the multi-platinum selling pianist has released over 60 critically acclaimed recordings and scored music for over 100 television and film productions. His contributions are so vast that his music is heard all over the world, from the Olympics, to the Kennedy Center to Broadway shows to the Sundance Festival to ESPN and more.

Peter just scored nomination number 13 for his 2017 release, Dancing on Water, which could be his most intimate release yet. An artist who is very in tune (pun intended) with being present, Peter started to meet with friends, and even some clients, who would share something personal and sensitive that was going on in their lives. Afterwards, he would play them a piece they inspired in the moment, in what is known as a “soul reading.” Each person affected Peter’s playing so differently, he wanted to share these sessions with the public.

“I would chat with them for a while about their obstacles and successes, their fears and aspirations. Then I played while they lie under my piano, usually for about 15-25 minutes. It’s fascinating how each person affects my playing and how the connection we share seriously influences what I play on the piano. I’m improvising and intuiting and they’re listening and feeling and often releasing.” In a recent review, New Age Music Guide called Peter “the finest artist and performer currently active the New Age music genre” and the album “magical and magnificent.”

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