Peter Kater – Dancing on Water


A432 Hz may not be an exact science, but listening to Peter Kater’s «Dancing on Water – Solo Piano Improvisations in A432» makes me believe that there’s something magical about this frequency. The album also confirms, yet again, that Peter Kater is the finest artist and performer currently active the New Age music genre.

Peter Kater has been Grammy nominated 13 times. It is possible that this year’s album finally will give him a much-deserved price.

Beautiful, clear water
Most tracks on «Dancing on water» have something to do with water. First out is the title track. Peter is not just walking on water, he’s dancing! The song has a wonderful flow, and from the first few notes it is easy to pick up the amazing recording quality – and perhaps the A432 frequency as well.

My favourite track on the album is «Waterfall». There are some wonderful effects here, all created on the piano. You can sense, even see for your inner eye, the falling water and its majestic beauty. Other favourites are the dramatic «Reaching for you» and «Deliverance», which leaves you feeling complete and rested.

I must also mention the impressive «Incandescent Voyage». It is like an album, an EP, in itself. It has epic qualities, rising and falling like a giant wave.

I very much enjoy Peter Kater’s improvisation. He does it so well that you think that there must be some notes here, a hidden arrangement. But at the same time you can feel the improvisation in the vibe. The song is a work in progress right until the end. It is the piano version of extreme sports.

In conclusion: «Dancing on Water» by Kater is a magnificent album. It is, without a doubt, the finest solo piano album released in 2017. In an age where music is highly constructed and effects are everywhere, it is refreshing to experience something bare, raw and real. «Dancing on Water» is such a release. Bravo!

Score: 96/100 – See how I rate music here.

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