Ken Verheecke – Tripping the Light Fantastic


“Tripping the Light Fantastic” is Ken Verheecke’s third musical release on Heart Dance Records. It is a reflection of Ken’s own desire to know and experience all that is good and lasting. Through each track, Ken intertwines his soothing melodic guitar over dreamy pads of rhythmic music.

The album was recorded entirely in Ken’s newly relocated studio in Northern Michigan. You can hear the celebration of his heart as he dances upon the light of life… Tripping the Light Fantastic.

To buy the album, visit Heartdance Records. 

About Ken
Ken Verheecke plays guitar with a confidence that immediately captures the ear. In addition to his musical skill, there is a level of communication both on and off the stage that sets him apart as an artist. He is definitely a communicator in many ways and at many levels. Ken’s January 2018 release Consider the Moon & Stars received airplay on radio stations around the globe, including Echoes on 130 NPR stations throughout the US and the SXM Spa Channel. Consider the Moon and Stars reached #5 on the Zone Music Reporter Chart in January 2018.