Ronald van Deurzen – Mist At Dawn


Forests have always been considered spiritual landscapes. Always evolving and never looking the same way twice, they are a source of creative inspiration where one can get in touch with their intuition. With the release of a brand new video, Mist At Dawn, a track from Ronald Van Deurzen’s 2013 album Tale of Dreams, takes you back to the forest, a place where people come to meditate and where children search for an experience of magic and wonder.

Ronald Van Deurzen is a pianist, composer, and music teacher from The Netherlands. He grew up playing piano and organ, and he composed his first piece of music at age 11. His ability on the piano developed rapidly. When he was 15 he was offered to play professionally as a live-pianist for a Dutch-Belgian folk/country band and its dance company.

Enjoy the Mist At Dawn video:

Through his live experiences, Van Deurzen grew in improvising and finding his own sound. It eventually led him to a spot as keyboardist on several CD albums produced in the USA, both independently and through labels. When he moved to Sweden, he found the time to focus on his own music, releasing “Imaginations“ (2012) and “Tale of Dreams” (2013).

He worked in Asia, teaching music and had his arrangements for orchestra performed live in concert with several vocalists from ‘The Voice – Thailand’, featuring guest-musicians of Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.

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