Gandalf – All is One, One is All Review



Gandalf is one of those artists that you know will never disappoint. In his music is a rare flow and attention to harmonies. On his new album, All is One, One is All, is also a certain nerve. Perhaps it’s due to the state of the world, or it has a personal explanation. Nevertheless, All is One, One is All is one of Gandalf’s finest albums.

All is One, One is All is the follow-up to 2013’s Dreamweaver, which was nominated for a ZMR Music Award for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album. gandalfIt wouldn’t surprise me if this year’s album too will get many important nominations – and might even win a few too. It is actually Gandalf’s 36th album!

The album starts with a prelude; The secret inside. Here we get to hear Agnes Milewsky’s wonderful vocal and the following lyrics (which is also repeated on the title track):

A dream within a dream / A life within a life / A song within a song / A secret lives inside.[…]

From the Depth of the Earth

The prelude builds a larger-than-life atmosphere, which is magnificently continued on From the Depth of the Earth. The piano and electric guitar sound amazing, accompanied by Vasile Marian on duduk. If this is what the depth of the earth sounds like, I wouldn’t mind going! The 8 minutes long song is gone in an instant.

Now it gets a bit more thoughtful; Starshine of Ever has a breathtakingly beautiful melody, and the cello part is amazing. On the next track, Gandalf does what Gandalf does best; Paint you a song. Here he uses thin brushes and watercolors; the gentle piano has an interesting hint of melancholy. The song is written for the artist’s partner, Marianne.

Next one out, The fragrance of Eden is fresh, rich and warm. It is like a vitamin injection, energizing and positive. The combination of bagpipes, flute and piano always create a wonderful atmosphere – and the arrangement is very well done.

I must also add that the album contains a magnificent cover photo by Greg Rakozy. What a stunning artwork!

All is One, One is All is an album with a message. It is time we understand that everything and everyone are connected – and start behaving in accordance with that. I doubt an album can change much, but Gandalf has made one of his best albums to date.

It’s beautiful and intricate, just like creation itself.

Score: 95/100 – See how I rate music here.

You can sample the album on the Real Music homepage.