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Lisa Pressman – As We Imagine Review


In our hectic modern lives, where everything seems to go faster and faster, finding the peace and quiet to think and reflect is a constant challenge. Distractions are never more than a click away. Here Lisa Pressman’s new release “As We Imagine” comes to our rescue. It is a collection of songs that instantly makes our imagination wander, featuring a unique combination of 7′ Bosendorfer Concert Grand Piano, synths, and vocals textures. Indeed, listening to it feels a bit like rediscovering the power of the imagination. It is without a doubt one of 2019’s finest New Age music releases.

“As We Imagine” is the 5th studio album by Lisa Pressman. It is co-written and produced with Tim Ponzek (read more about Opus Fromus here). Lisa’s other releases are “If the Sky Was Home” (2004), “Angel Dreaming: A New Dream” (2006), “Tomorrow the World” (2008) and “Expecting Miracles” (2011).

As We Imagine
When we hit play on “As We Imagine”, we are greeted by lush synth pads. I very much enjoy the analogue feel and the many layers of sound. Then the grand piano is introduced. As good as synth pianos are these days, nothing can beat the real thing. That said, the song features a seamless switch between piano and synth keys. What we are witnessing on “As We Imagine”, is a perfect unity of physical and digital instruments. The best of two worlds, in my opinion.

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“As We Imagine” is an album of strong colors. “Amber Waves” slowly engulfs us. We are taken to a warm and shiny sphere, far from the worries of everyday life. I like how the sharp sound of the piano cuts through and becomes the guiding star. It is easy to drift off into a meditative state while listening, even without closed eyes.

Atmosphere of Love
I’m happy to report that “As We Imagine” contains a small masterpiece! The song “Atmosphere of Love,” reminiscent of Suzanne Ciani’s #1 hit “The Velocity of Love,” is beautiful beyond words. It is a winner from the very first synth chords; Notice how it is slowly gaining momentum, building up towards a very satisfying vocal driven finale. The mix of synth keys and female voice is exquisite! All in all, it is a sublime song, masterfully portraying the atmosphere of love.

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“Far Away Dreams” clears the air and the loving emotions are replaced by deep, meditative contemplation. It is not certain where this train of thought is going, but the answer we are looking for is right there in front of us. Still we are unable to reach it. Thankfully, the next track, “Sea of Tranquility,” embraces us with a warm and reassuring sound and tells us that everything is ok. The female vocal is terrific. It is one of the finest songs on the album, proving yet again that synth and concert grand piano is a fabulous combination.

Still Small Voice
“As We Imagine” is custom-made for deep thoughts and concentration. “Still Small Voice” is a slow and thought-provoking piece. If you put it on repeat, it is a soundscape you could spend the day in. It is very well-made. Next song is “Voyage Home.” Every note is changed with a deep sense of love and gratitude.

“Sheltering Wings” is another winner. The gentle melody is simply irresistible. It greets us with open arms, inviting us into a safe sphere – far from the troubles of everyday life. It is so simple, yet so elegant and refined. The angelic vocals lift it to an almost divine level. I also enjoy how the somewhat sharp sound of the piano mixes with the synth, making it less sugar sweet – and more real, in a way. Bravo!

Next song, “Hidden Treasure,” makes us pay attention. It feels a bit like stepping into a fairytale, unraveling a world of magical powers as we go along. “At First Light” concludes the album. Its graceful and optimistic atmosphere is catching; It is a feeling that will last the whole day.

In conclusion: Lisa Pressman’s “As We Imagine” is a highly original, well-made and heartfelt album. The way it boosts the imagination makes it perfect for creative work and deep thinking. It also contains two songs that are destined to become New Age music hits, the beautiful “Atmosphere of Love” and “Sheltering Wings.” All in all, “As We Imagine” is an outstanding release. But don’t take my word for it; Press play and see what happens as you imagine…

Score: 95/100 – See my scoring policy

Make sure to visit Lisa Pressman’s homepage for music samples and more information.