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Alan Hanslik – In The Moment Review


If there is one thing that categorizes Alan Hanslik’s music, is that it urges us to live in the moment. His music has cinematic qualities, making us pay attention to the here and now. The title of his new album is for this reason “spot on”. “In The Moment” is a wonderful collection of pieces that capture the essence of six different events or settings – reminding us of the importance of now.

Alan Hanslik is an American composer, musician, and producer. He began playing music growing up in Brooklyn, Ohio. Playing in local bands and eventually touring with Jon Washington of the British group, the Fortunes. Drawn to the electronic world of synthesizes, Alan wrote and produced his first electronic, techno, and EDM singles and albums (see a complete list here). We have recently reviewed his albums “Precious Memory”, “Space Anomaly” and “Promise of Love” – the soundtrack to MacKenzie Motion Pictures & Sound’s movie “On His Own”. See our complete Alan Hanslik feature here.

Search For The Selkie
The album opener, “Search For The Selkie”, is a fascinating piece! In Norse and Celtic mythology, a selkie is a mythical creature that resembles a seal in the water but assumes human form on land. Hanslik’s cello takes the listener on quite a ride, perhaps indicating the selkie’s transformation and change of habitat. It is storytelling on a grand scale, with distinct classical inspirations. Do they find the selkie? I’m not giving any spoilers!

Next out is the reflective solo piano piece “Summer’s End”. It is massive contrast. We are used to such rapid changes in movies, but it is rare in music. I like it; it keeps the listener focused on the overall theme. “Summer’s End” is a beautiful piano melody that shows Hanslik’s skills both as a composer and as a pianist. It is a moment to cherish.

Cobblestone Kitten
“Cobblestone Kitten” is a fine neo-classical guitar piece. The gentle melody paints a cute picture of the kitten playing on the cobblestone. It is heartwarming and delightful. I like how it captures a playful moment – and then it is gone.

My favorite piece on the album is “Close the Door”. It is a quite dark and intricate piano melody. It twists and turns with the elegance of Debussy or Ravel. Whatever happens behind that closed door is hard to say, but it is definitely a moment of importance. The rumbling piano sounds terrific!

Wayfarer Waltz
“Wayfarer Waltz” is a classical melody in search of a movie. All Hanslik’s music is visual, but this piece has so much movement and grace – perfect for a reflective moment in a film; the place in the narrative where our hero finds the courage to move on and save the day. Talking about classics; the next piece is called “New Classic”. It starts in a surprisingly joyous way, but after seven seconds or so it gets more complicated. There are hints of jazz, pop-rock piano, and, as presented in the title, classical. “Petite Fete” concludes the album. The harp sounds dreamy and reflective. It might be petite and short, but it has a larger-than-life sound.

I like the cover artwork. It shows the artist at work, capturing him “in the moment” of creation.

In conclusion: “In The Moment” by Alan Hanslik is a well-made and different kind of release. The six pieces offer unique perspectives on various topics – and the “in the moment” angle connects binds it all together. This album too, as with Hanslik’s previous albums, demands something from the listener. It might sound a bit sharp and surprising at the first listen. But suddenly your ears adjust and you understand where Hanslik is taking you. From there onwards it offers a highly enjoyable listening experience.

When active listening to the album, one thing is 100 % certain; you are living “In The Moment”. Prepare to be amazed! 

For more information and music samples, visit alanhanslik.com