Alan Hanslik – Promise Of Love Review


One of the downsides of being an adult is that you rarely wake up thinking that today is your day. Most days feel the same. Work, the daily routine, and a packed calendar have that effect on all of us. “Promise of Love”, a new album by Alan Hanslik, is a youthful and vibrant contrast to the boring routine. It holds not only a promise of love but a deep-rooted sense of freedom. It makes you think that anything is possible. “Promise of Love” is also the soundtrack to MacKenzie Motion Pictures & Sound’s experimental movie “On His Own“, which adds a fascinating level of meaning to the music. Alan Hanslik’s new album is an intriguing and rewarding listen, making you believe that love is waiting just around the corner.

Alan Hanslik is an American composer, musician, and producer. He began playing music growing up in Brooklyn, Ohio. Playing in local bands and eventually touring with Jon Washington of the British group, the Fortunes. Drawn to the electronic world of synthesizes, Alan wrote and produced his first electronic, techno and EDM singles and albums (see a complete list here). We have recently reviewed his albums “Precious Memory”, “Space Anomaly” and “Friendly Planet” by the Hanslik & Moniz Experiment.

Below is the movie “On His Own” by MacKenzie Motion Pictures & Sound. “Promise of Love” by Alan Hanslik is one of six original scores that you can choose from:

Promise of Love
“Promise of Love” starts with the title track. It is almost like an EP, being over 12 minutes long. It is a brilliant piece that takes us from a slow morning ambiance and well into the new day. I love the gentle and warm opening and how the synth, piano, and strings capture the essence of waking up, knowing that this day is filled with possibilities. The music is closely liked to how events unfold in the movie – but it works splendidly for general listening too.

“Promise of Love” takes the listener to quite a remarkable place in the mind. While the move describes the here-and-now, the music is larger-than-life. It is food for the imagination. I love the many exciting twists and turns and how the melodic elements – some very different and creative – come together and form a whole that is positive, charming, and inspiring.

The Hope
The album is like a treasure chest of melodies. One of the finest is the first part of “The Hope”. In less than five seconds, it takes hold of the listener and doesn’t let go. Its hopeful vibe is infectious; the soft, organ-like synth easily finds its way to your heart. At 2 minutes and 29 seconds, there’s change. Now it turns into a much somber melody. It is fascinating how Hanslik can make such an abrupt change – and it just works. The ending is triumphant. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself:

Then we arrive at the “Home”, which is a brilliant, nine minutes long piece. The atmosphere is loving and caring, albeit a little sleepy at first. If these walls could talk, they would share many happy memories. Then suddenly, the melody turns playful and light, and it is almost impossible to sit still while listening – it has such a cool vibe! The last part is more reflective with an icy-sounding synth.

I’m very impressed by how Hanslik communicates emotions on the album. It is, of course, directly linked to events as they unfold in the movie. But you don’t really need the film, because it is all there in the music. Listen to “Anticipation” and “She’s Not There” and you’ll understand what I mean. It is youthful in the sense that each emotion is grand, from the fear of rejection to falling in love, head first.

“Turnaround” is a short ambient piece with a touch of techno. It is a nice contrast, leading up to “The Shift”. It is a well-made twist, taking the album into a new direction. Suddenly there’s a quick rhythm. I love the textures and the playfulness. It is a well-made chill piece, complex enough to be interesting and light enough to qualify as easy listening.

In the narrative, both in the movie and in the soundtrack, we are at a dark place. “Rebound” and “Reflection” are somber and austere pieces. The ambient melodies show Hanslik’s impressive skills as a sound designer. There are so many levels of sound and sudden changes, like two minutes into “Reflection”. This makes “Promise of Love” into a very enjoyable listen. You’ll never guess what’s next, much like a good movie.

“Rendezvous” is the victorious album closer. I’m not going to give any spoilers to people who are planning to see the movie – but if you listen to “Rendezvous” first, then you have a pretty good idea of how the movie is ending. “Promise of Love Medley”, the last track, lets you relive some of the finest moments from both the movie and the album.

In conclusion: “Promise of Love” by Alan Hanslik is a terrific and easy to like release. Its playful and optimistic vibe is like a vitamin injection. There is also a youthful vulnerability here that we all can relate to. The album describes our need for being loved with the skill and passion of a master storyteller. The storyline in the “On His Own” movie is quite simplistic, yet it tells something profound about our quest to find a matching companion. “Promise of Love” is a tremendous soundtrack too, which adds an extra dimension to the listening experience. In short; Hanslik’s new album is a heartwarming and uplifting release. Give it a go, and I promise that you will love it…

Score: 95/100 – See our scoring policy

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