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Juan Sánchez – Now the Silence Review


The Covid19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to reflect on what really matters. It has, on many levels, been a reality check. This realization inspired Juan Sánchez to record his new album “Now the Silence”: “I can only stress the importance of what it means to take some time out and reflect on things from both a mental and spiritual perspective,” he says. “Now the Silence” is an outstanding release that takes the temperature on the time we live in and inspires us to do some much-needed soul-searching.

Juan Sánchez started playing the piano at age 14. After performing with a few bands as a kid, he relocated to London, where he worked as a composer for a music library publisher. In early 2019, he began uploading Neo-Classical, Ambient, and New Age piano music to various streaming services. The debut album was released in September 2019, named “Rebirth”, and it symbolizes Sánchez overcoming self-doubts. The album quickly established him as one of the most promising solo piano artists on the New Age music scene. He then released several singles, which now have become the album “Now the Silence”. Recently, he has also released the singles “Touch & Sound“, “For When It Rains” and “Where Are They Now?

Very Young Old Man
The album opener on “Now the Silence” is called “Very Young Old Man”. This is indeed a piece that tells a story. It pays tribute to the man who shaped Sánchez’s view on the piano and music in general; piano teacher Enric Torra Pòrtulas. “I was 20 years old and he was 80 years old. I was amazed, as I’d never seen so much energy and enthusiasm in a person of his age. He loved teaching piano; anyone could see that immediately. He was a ‘Very Young Old Man’”. The moment you hit play, you will sense the melancholy that sets colors to this amazing piece. But the melancholy is only the first impression; beyond that is a deep-rooted sense of gratitude and a healthy dose of classical inspirations, especially from Debussy and Ravel. “Very Young Old Man” is a fantastic homage to a beloved teacher, and we Juan Sánchez fans have reasons to be thankful to Mr. Enric Torra Pòrtulas for his inspiring work all those years ago.

Continuing in the footsteps of classical masters, “Luz De Luna” is Sánchez’s “moonlight sonata”. It starts gently. Notice the soft and rhythmic piano and how breathtakingly beautiful the violin sounds. It captures the magic of moonlight in all its nuances. The atmosphere is mesmerizing.

Now the Silence
The title track is as reflective as it is impressive. It is a timeless piece with a philosophical edge; what does silence – and in a sense, solitude – means? Is it good or bad? Embedded in “Now the Silence” is the answer. Silence is not your enemy. On the contrary, it is good. It is a time to ponder, meditate, and even feel boredom – something we modern humans have stopped doing entirely. We are always connected, in search of the next endorphin rush. “Now the Silence” is the antidote. It gives time to think and de-stress. It also provides context to the age of Covid19. Turn this newfound silence into something worthwhile and use it as a guiding star, beyond the virus epidemy.

“Alma” continues where “Now the Silence” left off. The cello sounds marvelous. It is a very “cinematic” piece. If any Hollowood directors are reading this, know that “Alma” will fit any movie in need of a deep emotional soundtrack. It is extremely expressive, yet it takes almost no space. It is just there, making us feel. Bravo!

“Woolgathering” is light and carefree. There is a hypnotic quality to the piece. Close your eyes, and you will be daydreaming in no time. “Tolworth” is a nice contrast, featuring delightful female vocalization. “Idyllic” is true to its name; It is that kind of melody that Sánchez has perfected, with the power to make any scenery picturesque. “Remembrance”, featuring an upright piano, is a statement of Sánchez’s love for the instrument.

The two last pieces, “Siempre” and “Blue Nights”, round off the album in a reflective way. As Sánchez urges us to do, taking a time out is a breeze in the company of these inspired melodies.

In conclusion: Many artists complain that the second album is hard, but Juan Sánchez’s “Now the Silence” flows effortlessly. “Rebirth” was a fantastic debut, but “Now the Silence” is even better. It shows that Sánchez is an artist for the future; He will only need a hit or two to become a household name among New Age music fans worldwide.

“Now the Silence” works both as a Covid19 concept album and as a playlist of Sánchez’s most recent singles. “Very Young Old Man” is a delightful piece filled with love from the first note, and the title track stays with the listener for a long time.

While a vaccine might offer 95 % protection against Covid19, “Now the Silence” is 100 % effective against Covid19 blues.

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