Juan Sanchez – Rebirth Review


The creation of art is intertwined with the life of the musician, author, or painter. Sometimes it is even possible to sense how the art came to be, from the fragile beginning to the successful result. It is there if you take the time to “tune in”. “Rebirth” by Juan Sanchez is such a release. It is a gentle and reflective album where Sanchez’s artistic self-esteem take form and rise, song by song. Its message is about overcoming everything that is holding you back and experiencing a creative and spiritual rebirth. It is, without a doubt, one of 2019’s most excellent and exciting debut albums.

Juan Sánchez has been a musician since he started playing the piano at age 14. After playing with a few bands as a kid, he relocated to London, where he took a job as a composer for a library music publisher. In early 2019 he began uploading a steady stream of Neo-Classical, Ambient, and New Age piano music to various streaming services. After having released seven singles, the album “Rebirth” was released. In addition to this, in November 2019, he released the single “Alma”.

This Mixcloud episode of Dream Mixtape is dedicated to Juan Sanchez. Here you get to hear three tracks from “Rebirth”:

“Rebirth”, the album opener, is hands down a genuine masterpiece! The song’s simple yet elegant structure instantly connects with the listener’s soul. There’s a haunting quality to it. But there is hope here too; The pain has a purpose, it is a guiding star. The heavy reverb gives the piano a larger-than-life sound. The “Rebirth” single established Sanchez as an artist, and it became an instant hit on Spotify. The sound reminds me of Jordan De La Sierra’s classic, “Gymnosphere: Song of the Rose” (1977).

After such a grand opening, “Beto” does precisely what a song should do at this stage; Continue the “Rebirth” train of thought, while at the same time gently redefining the atmosphere. It is reminiscent of the eerie “Tubular Bells” intro, while the violin gives it a nice neoclassical touch.

Heading to Dreamland
Sleep and relaxation are essential keywords when describing Juan Sanchez’s music. Indeed, the whole album is very well-suited for thinking and dreaming. “Heading to Dreamland” is a gentle piano piece with strings. Close your eyes, and you will be amazed by how powerful the song is. It is a non-toxic sleeping aid. The song fades into “Peaceful Places”. It is a zone of total bliss, far from the troubles of everyday life. The piano sounds divine. “Heading to Dreamland” is beautiful beyond words.

It is easy to focus on the mesmerizing “Rebirth”, but there’s another jewel here that is deserving of just as much praise; “Beautiful Rose”. Sanchez has prepared two versions, solo piano, and piano & strings. I have no statistics to back up this claim, but usually, when there are both a version with strings and a solo version, the “full version” with strings will be placed earlier on the album. Here the solo piece is the main version. This indicates Sanchez’s focus on solo piano, which I believe is a smart thing. He is a master when it comes to composting emotionally charged piano themes. The string version of “Beautiful Rose”, as enjoyable as it is, can be considered a bonus. A rose-red gift from Sanchez to the world.

Arctic Solitude
Suddenly we find ourselves in the Arctic, totally overwhelmed by a strong sense of loneliness. Here the piano and strings seem like a unity, brilliantly describing the snow-white vastness and its dangerous beauty. Sanchez shows that he can handle the neoclassical sound to perfection.

There’s a raw quality to the album, which I believe gives it broad appeal. Sanchez is not afraid to handle deep emotions. Indeed, the whole rebirth theme is portrayed as a challenging experience. It will, ultimately, lead to something good and substantial. But there is a price to pay before you get there.

“Silent Tears” is the album closer. I think it is brave not to end a debut album on a high note. Here we have a hard-hitting, sad piece, without any consolation. But notice; If you put the album on replay, you will circle back to no. 1 and experience another rebirth and trip into dreamland bliss.

In conclusion: Some of the most beautiful pieces of art have been created in times of hardships. Problems of a personal nature, or external happenings like crises and wars, influence artists deeply. “Rebirth” by Juan Sanchez deals with a personal transition, overcoming self-doubt and insecurities – and being “reborn” as a famous and admired artist. I believe that we all can relate to this. It is not strictly about becoming an artist, but about having a dream and going for it 100%. “Rebirth” is not just an album. It is a mindset and a winning formula.

Score: 95/100 – See our scoring policy

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