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Ann Licater – Invitation from Within



Ann Licater’s third album, Invitation from Within, offers healers, spa practitioners and flute music enthusiasts a refined and calming listening experience. Licater incorporates sound healing instrumentation and the input of talented collaborators like Peter Phippen, Jeff Oster and Ivar Lunde.

Ann Licater’s first two flute albums took her on a path from California to Carnegie Hall, to Florence, Italy and to Lake Tahoe, opening doors to spiritual venues, concert halls and outdoor cathedrals. Her third independent album Invitation from Within finds her returning to her Midwestern roots to record Native American, silver and alto flutes with sound healing instruments and vocal layers.

Invitation from Within is Licater’s third album, and her second time working with Peter Phippen in a co-producer role. Norwegian-born composer and internationally-recognized orchestral conductor Ivar Lunde, of Skyline Studios, Eau Claire, Wisconsin rounds out the producing team that makes Invitation from Within a work of musical art. By all accounts, it is a pristine recording — a standard of Licater’s studio work — powerfully relaxing and artistically expressed. Invitation from Within is more refined than her previous work, yet remains organic in its expression and true to her nature as an improvisational world flutist.

In addition to performing on Native American flutes, Licater returns to her musical roots playing silver and alto flutes. Adding to the mix of meditative world flutes are many sound healing instruments including hand-held quartz crystal bowls, Afro-Peruvian cajon, conga and metal tongue drum, and vocals layers by award-winning vocalist and composer Lis Addison (Tracks 1, 7) and Licater herself (Tracks 4, 9); also notable is a clay, Peruvian “Huaca” flute handmade by Sounds of Creation’s Rafael Bejarano featured on Track 9, “Beyond the Mist.” Acoustic grand piano (Ivar Lunde) serves as graceful accompaniment while Co-Producer Peter Phippen (a student of renowned jazz bassist Steve Swallow) plays an American Fender Precision bass — the only electronic instrument weaving in and out of the otherwise acoustic environment of peaceful spa-inspired music.

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