Sherry Finzer – Transcendence


“Transcendence” is the new album by Sherry Finzer. “While on tour with guitarist Darin Mahoney in September of 2019, we made a visit to Rangely, CO to experience the amazing sounds of The Tank,” says Finzer. “It was here that I was finally able to realize my dream of creating a totally improvised solo flute recording reminiscent of Paul Horn’s albums, including the most inspirational to me – “Inside the Taj Mahal“. “Transcendence” was captured inside The Tank, and you will hear accompaniment from Mother Nature (The Wind), various sounds created by The Tank, key clicks from the flutes, and breath.”

The Tank
Constructed around 1940 as a railroad water-treatment facility, the Tank was moved by a utility company to Rangely in the mid-1960s for use as part of a fire-suppression system. The plan was never realized, as the underlying shale proved unable to support the weight of the filled tank. However, the bed of gravel upon which the tank was placed bowed its floor into a gentle parabola, giving it its remarkable acoustical resonance.

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In 1976, sound artist Bruce Odland was shown the place by two Rangely locals. Odland understood immediately that he had stumbled upon a treasure. “I’d never heard anything like it,” he said. “I’d never heard a sound last that long, with these dizzyingly beautiful reverberation effects going all over the place.” For years after Odland’s discovery, The TANK became a secret performance and recording space for a dedicated group of sound artists and musicians.

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