Upcoming Album by John Adorney


“Invisible Songbird” is the title of John Adorney’s new album, to be released on the EverSound label. It includes 14 all-new pieces with vocals by Daya and Marcel Adjibi.

There’s no doubt that John Adorney is one of the most popular New Age music artists out there! A recent crowdfunding campaign made “Invisible Songbird” possible. The goal was to raise $5,800, and as of writing John’s fans have contributed $5,839.

If you want to be a part of this, especially after hearing the amazing music in the below video, the campaign is still open. John has some truly great offers for us.

Here are the highlights from the CD:

In other words; John Adorney fans have a lot to look forward to! “Invisible Songbird” is going to be amazing.

We will return with the exact release date soon.