Amethystium – Odonata – 20th Anniversary Edition


There is finally some news from Amethystium! In connection with the 20th anniversary for “Odonata”, Øystein Ramfjord’s debut album, a vinyl edition will be released. It is an alternate recording with improved sound and some other changes, mixed and mastered for vinyl. Regarding new music, Ramfjord says: “In spite of the long silence I haven’t given up.”

The original “Odonata” album was released in 1999, with three additional tracks following in the year after and later included. This 20th Anniversary Edition includes all these in the original order, another track originally released in 2000, and a rework of the song “Ethereal”.

“Odonata”is a part of a crowdfunding project, available here:

Amethystium is one of those musical projects where you hear nothing for years and years, and – when you least expect it – there’s news about a new release. As Ramfjord puts it: “I hope the next update will be about new music. ” Fingers crossed!