Deep Forest – Evo-Devo


“Evo-Devo” is the title of the upcoming album by Deep Forest. The album was successfully funded on in November last year, and is due to be released anytime soon. 


Eric Moquet gives us this presentation of the album:


“Composing a new album is always something special and quite a magical process. I compose and experiment in the studio for months, crafting sounds, taking notes, exploring new machines, playing, improvising and finally letting the music evolve without any pre-conceived idea. One day without any special reason, everything starts to make sense, the different ideas gather in a logical form and there it is: the finished, brand-new album.

When I started this one, I did not imagine, that the music finally could lead me to all these songs. Step by step I realized how this album was related to the Boheme-Deep-Forest-Feel and at the same time was so deeply anchored in the up-to-date electronic music scene. Deep Forest is in constant evolution, persistently digging, exploring the roots of the past albums to arrange and develop new sounds and musical adventures.

The concept of Evo-Devo, which is based on studies of the process of evolution and the ability of nature to create new forms and structures, is part of my musical approach. Starting from a single sine waveform to create any kind of sound, based on the broad heritage of the Deep Forest influences, make me feel like these scientists trying to understand the secret of life…”

The album can be pre-ordered on

A new album by Eric in the Deep Forest project is always exciting. He truly is a magnificent New Age music artist – and a pioneer of the ethnic fusion genre.