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John Adorney – Toward a Gentle Place


The title of John Adorney’s upcoming album is “Toward a Gentle Place”. Sample the album here!

There’s currently a crowdfunding campaign going on. Check it out, and see what products are available.

Here’s what John’s says about his new project:

“Feeling an increased level of stress in myself and in the world
around me in recent times, I was inspired to create Toward a Gentle Place. I wanted the experience of listening to the CD to be a comforting one, so I’ve only included pieces that I feel have a soothing, comforting quality. Iʼve based the sequencing of the
music on something called the iso-principle.

The iso-principle is a concept applied in the practice of music therapy where the music played by the therapist matches the energy level or mood of the client, and then is gradually altered to bring about a more desired state. This “meeting the client where they are” guides them toward relaxation and, ideally, a more peaceful state of being.

The first piece on the CD begins with mid-tempo energy, and the
following pieces gradually work their way to a more soothing, restful feeling.
Hopefully, this music will be as enjoyable to listen to as any of my previous projects, and at the same time, help take you to a more gentle place.”


To find out more, please visit www.johnadorney.com