Matteo Palmer’s Second Album



Matteo Palmer, one of the most promising artists in New Age music, is now working on a follow-up to his 2013 album Out of Nothing. He writes:  

My next full length album is in the making, and I need your help to finish it! This fall, I will be attending the Mcnally Smith College Of Music to study Composition. I have a lot of great music that I want to share with the world, but because of college, money is scarce. I need help to complete this project, and I am grateful for every penny contributed. I have set my goal at $10,000. I believe that this amount, along with the money that I have been stocking away, will be enough to complete this album. If I reach my goal of $10,000, I will use this money to finish recording, mixing, and mastering the album, along with paying the other musicians who will be featured. I am once again recording with Grammy-winning guitarist, Windham Hill founder, and personal hero, Will Ackerman. He is the best producer on the planet, and I never want to record an album without him. I am also thrilled to once again have Tom Eaton and his sound engineering wizardry on this project. For this album, I plan on having Grammy winner Charlie Bisharat contribute his gorgeous violin playing on a track, as well as six-time grammy winning cellist, Eugene Friesen on another track. This is going to be a spectacular album, but I need help! If every friend, family member, and Facebook fan contributed $25 (or more), $10,000 would be reached in no time. I have lots of cool gifts depending on how much you contribute, and every penny counts!!

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