Mike Oldfield – Return to Ommadawn



Mike Oldfield is working on a new album, which is due to be released sometimes in August. The title might be “Return to Ommadawn”. This is of course very exciting news for all Mike’s many fans. Is this a return to the “long instrumental” style?

Mike posted this on Facebook in early April:

Hello Everyone some news : Well today got to the end of Part 2 Return to Ommadawn. Most of Part 2 I am happy with just have to finish up the ending and then polish both Part 1 and 2. So looking to finish everything around my birthday mid May. It has been a wonderful experience and I have loved playing all the acoustic instruments. So just have to complete the final steps. All the very best from Mike” He subsequently said he expects to release it in mid-August.

Here are all previous mentions of the album:

Hello everyone.
I am continuing to work on ideas for “A New Ommadawn” for the last week or so to see if the spark of the idea actually catches fire. Working with a clockwork metronome as a click track and this alone give me a natural acoustic reference for timing
( So long as I wind it up ! )
Also playing live all the instruments.
So far Bodhran, Bass, acoustic and Spanish guitars, a real Glockenspiel and tambourine, cymbals and a lovely Ovation mandolin.
Watch this space for more news – especially on October 31st – HALLOWEEN – !!!

Update Oct 25:

Hi Everybody
The new work is somehow taking on a life of it’s own now. It is wonderful to hear and play all the original instruments again and not worry too much about perfection in timing and performance and just feel the freedom, the magic, and the space that the music can create.
I am thinking now of turning this into a completely new work and not making it a ” Sequel or Prequel ” of anything just – Something New… I can always do a Tubular Bells prequel in a year or two, and then an Ommadawn prequel / Sequel after that…
Would you be very disappointed if the next Album is not related to any previous Album ?
I would like very much to hear your thoughts … Mike

This was the first clue that Mike might release a “new Ommadawn”: