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New Album by ERA


ERA will soon release a new album. The title is not yet known, but an official VEVO channel is up – and ERA’s webpage is getting a much needed redesign. This is all very exciting for fans of Éric Lévi’s music project.

The following songs are included in the VEVO channel:

– Ameno | taken from debut album “ERA”
– Enae Volare Mezzo | taken from debut album “ERA”
– Mother (Remix) | taken from debut album “ERA”
– Misere Mani | taken from “ERA 2” album
– Divano | taken from “ERA 2” album
– Infanati | taken from “ERA 2” album
– Looking For Something (Radio Edit / Album) | taken from “The Mass” album
– Reborn | taken from “Reborn” album
– The Chosing Prayer | taken from “Classics / Collector Edition” album
– Ameno (UK Edit / 2010 Remix) | taken from “Era / UK 2010 Edition” / “The Essential” albums
– Ave Maria | Taken from “Arielle Dombasle by Era” album

The ERA homepage can be found at ERA-music.com

There aren’t many ERA sources on the net, but this Lefora forum has been a great for years and years. Make sure to support it if you are into ERA.

While you are waiting; this may be a good time to listen to Arielle Dombasle by Era once more.