New Jens Gad Album In Production



Jens Gad, guitarist and co-producer for Enigma – plus Achillea and Spa Sonique – is currently working on a new album. The album is being funded through, and everyone is welcome to participate on this release – which for sure will have an “enigmatic” sound. The goal is to raise $ 33.000.

Here’s a presentation of the project:

Those who’ve experienced producer Jens Gad’s music with Enigma, Achillea, Spa Sonique, Enigmatic Obsession, know just how captivating the quality of his style, vision, emotion, soul, and passion truly are. For those of you who are just discovering him, you’re in for a brilliant ride. Recently, Jens has embarked on the journey of creating an expansive and visionary album featuring some of the best qualities of his work with Enigma, and an incredible concept to go with it. He is now preparing to record an album on Catalina Island at his ‘007 Lab’ that will push artistic boundaries like never before. Utilizing his favorite singers from Enigma, and a handful of the most impressive and imaginative new singers world wide, he will write a concept album loosely based on the ‘7 Principles of Hermes’ and incorporate a streaming series of gorgeous music videos featuring top models & innovative music merged into one.


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