Novus Magnificat – 30 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition


On June 9th 2017 Constance Demby and Hearts of Space Records will release  “Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate – 30 Year Anniversary Deluxe Edition”. This 2-CD release features the original recording re-cut by the artist to eleven movements and a second disc of never before released live recordings.

“Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate” is an album of symphonic, sacred music that built the bridge between classical and choral music, and what would eventually become the New Age musical genre. It was one of Hearts of Space Records first releases.

In my review of this album I wrote:

“Listening to Novus Magnificat – Through The Stargate (1986) by Constance Demby for the first time is like being witness to something out-of-this-world amazing. You almost can’t believe your ears, and you feel lucky that this music has found its way through the stargate and into your music player. Novus Magnificat is a must-hear for any New Age music fan, and we award it 99 out of 100 points on our scale.


This is an album who just keeps getting better while listening. I think the best part is the 10-15 first minutes of part 2. Notice the extraordinary way the music flows; there are so many details here, so many intertwining melodies to appreciate. It is a true work of art.

The album may be pre-ordered on Amazon.