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Immortelle is the latest offering from Deuter. Deuter’s music has always been inspired by Nature, and this album is dedicated to healing: each track has been given the name of a medicinal plant that has helped humanity for millennia. Immortelle is to be released on July 29th, 2016.

Deuter is a master of receiving the sounds that no one can hear and translating them for us all to enjoy. Immortelle is another masterpiece that gives us the gift of silence through sound. His sublime compositions transcend aural boundaries, his elegant melodies fill the heart of anyone who listens. Deuter’s innate awareness and rare musical talent create a harmonious balance of music and spirit.

“Immortelle is a word that few may know. It was unknown to me until I first came to Corsica where I became acquainted with this wonderful medicinal plant, the aroma of its oil and its strong invigorating effect. I enjoyed helping my friends distill an essential oil from it.

The fragrance brings memories of mountains, warm rocks and views of the sea in Corsica.

The title of the CD as well as the individual tracks have names of plants and flowers which have helped humanity with their healing powers for millennia. They even made life a little more pleasant with their aroma.

Nature has always been an inspiration for me, its influence can be heard on my CDs through birdsong, crickets, the sound of mountain streams and ocean waves. This album is therefore an expression of gratitude to the nature of our planet with the understanding that the smallest flower may have healing powers.

The cover image was painted by my friend Padma and shows the harmonious union of Yin and Yang, of male and female energy or, as in Indian mythology, Shiva and Shakti. It is a state of silence and restfulness in which healing becomes possible.” – CG Deuter

About the medicinal plants

“Immortelle”, the Everlasting. What a wonderful name! Helichrysum angustifolium, with its narrow, golden leaves, derives its botanical name from helios, the sun, and chrysos, or gold, combined with angustus, meaning slender or narrow, and folium, meaning leaf.

Commonly known as Immortelle, the name does not refer to “everlasting” as a symbolically interpretable relationship between plants and humans, but is rather an indication of it typical use—making traditional floral wreaths in winter. Helichrysum dries well, and its petals are quite colorfast and will keep for several months.

Immortelle likes to live on rocky hillsides where water can’t form puddles, and it prefers a lot of wind, which dries off the morning dew. The plant is a perennial that grows to about 50 to 80 centimeters high, with dense tufts of silver-gray and golden flowers. Sun without shade is essential for its growth; in shade it will disappear forever. Ideally it lives among its own kind.

Immortelle is a queen of the medicinal plants, as its greatest gifts to us are its fragrance and its essential oil, which provide protection, healing, and renewal of the skin.

In my understanding music is a horizontal journey, it needs time to unfold and it is also limited by time. But good music also creates a vertical journey, where it transcends time and keeps on going indefinitely into higher octaves.
– CG Deuter

Track List

1. Monarda 5:30
2. Sonnenbraut 10:15
3. Traubensilberkerze 10:12
4. Lily of the Valley 7:22
5. Vervain 7:05
6. Binsuga 5:25
7. Immortelle 6:52
8. Cumaru 6:55

Total Time: 60:00

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