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Upcoming album by Nitish Kulkarni: Listen


This winter Nitish Kulkarni will release a new album called “Listen”. A single will be released sometimes soon. Today we bring you two behind-the-scenes videos which give a fascinating peek into his studio.

We have high hopes for “Listen”, which looks to be one of this year’s most exciting titles!

Nitish Kulkarni is one of the brightest young stars in New Age music. About his 2014 album “Synesthetic” we wrote:

“It had to happen at some point. Sooner or later an artist would appear that had the potential to become a New Age music superstar, much like Mike Oldfield in 1973 or Enya in 1988. 20 year old Nitish Kulkarni‘s debut album Synesthetic shows exceptional talent. Yet it is not a perfect album, and it is not a new Tubular Bells or Watermark. But it is without a doubt the most promising debut album in the New Age music genre since year 2000. The artists of 1970s and 80s can safely retire, knowing that the future of music is in the best of hands…”

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