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Jim Ottaway wins two ZMR Music Awards

Photo: ZMR

In most likely a first for the Zone Music Reporter Awards, Australian electronic/ambient composer and musician, Jim Ottaway, as a solo artist, was awarded two different category awards with two separate albums at the recent ZMR Awards ceremony in New Orleans.

The awards and albums are: 

Best Electronic Album: TIMELESS e-MOTION

Best Ambient Album: DEEP SPACE BLUE.

Jim’s DEEP SPACE BLUE was also nominated for Album of the Year, which was won by FLOW.

Jim’s music has been described by various reviewers as… “exquisitely triumphant”“powerful, deep, majestic”“mesmerizing cosmic voyage”“spellbindingly adventurous” and obviously DEEP SPACE BLUE and TIMELESS e-MOTION captured the hearts and minds of the ZMR community.

Jim receiving the awards. Photo: John Diliberto

Although featuring well in the final standings of the Australian Songwriting Awards for many years, and local Australian music awards, these two ‘Best Album’ awards are the first international awards awarded to Jim and as he said in his acceptance speech he is ”extremely honoured and excited to receive the awards”.

Jim’s latest album… YESTERDAY PASSING was released on 1 May 2018. See our story here on New Age Music Guide about this release.

To find out more about Jim and his music, visit his website: www.jimottaway.com

TIMELESS e-MOTION, DEEP SPACE BLUE, YESTERDAY PASSING and Jim’s other international releases can be purchased from numerous outlets, including:

CD Baby:



Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/artist/Jim_Ottaway?id=Ac7fhkhuy3xibpsg2yuayesjfcq