Enigma – Sadeness (Part II) out now



Enigma has released its first single, “Sadeness (Part II)”, from the new album, “The Fall Of A Rebel Angel”. It is made available as a digital release as well as instant grat download. Scroll down for the single’s official music video.

With Sadeness (Part II) Michael Cretu has created a sequel to the project’s most notable and successful hit “Sadeness (Part I)”. While referencing the famous Gregorian chants of its predecessor, the new single is based upon the classical theme of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, and includes the voice of Asian superstar, Anggun. The combining element is a modern dubstep beat that turns Sadeness Part (II) into a piece of musical Zeitgeist.

BT Fasmer’s comment:

I’m a bit unsure what to make of this first single. The build-up is masterful, and the ending has a great atmosphere. It also has a wonderful pop feel, which is Michael’s trademark. Yet I cannot help being a bit disappointed… This is supposed to be Sadeness Part 2 after all. Where’s the boldness and the genre changing power of the original song?

Perhaps it will be different when listening to the complete album? Let’s hope so.

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