Interview with John Burke



Newspaper Connect Savannah has posted an interview with John Burke, who recently released the album “Orogen”.

Anna Chandler writes:

With radiant charisma and a rivetingly engaging performance, pianist John Burke is smashing expectations with each strike of an ivory key. The Atlanta native has spent his life exploring different arenas of piano music—classical, ragtime, rock ‘n’ roll, and more—in order to craft a truly unique style of his own.

Burke’s original compositions possess an inherent grace and magnetic knack for melody; live, the songs come to life with Burke’s fiery passion for playing.

We spoke with Burke about his new album, Orogen, merging his varied influences, and finding musical inspiration in the wonders of nature.

Anna Chandler: – Growing up, was your household a very musical one?

John Burke: – My dad was a musician. I was surrounded by music—he played piano—but a lot of it was ‘60s and ‘70s music. My dad grew my sister and I up on the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Crosby, Stills and Nash, a whole list. I grew up with a lot of emphasis on melody. My dad really liked jingles, so I guess that crafted my love for a good melody in a song.

Read the interview here.