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Watermark 25th Anniversary Interview


WATERMARKIn connection with Watermark’s 25th Anniversary in September last year, an interview with Enya from 1988 was aired on Raidio na Gaeltachta. Here is the beginning of the English translation:

Enya: This is my first solo album. I have two previous albums, but they were for films, the first one for the film ‘The Frog Prince’ and the second one for the television, ‘The Celts’, but this is the first one where I am on my own without a director and it is very nice in the end to be able to work like this.

The first thing that happened to me was that I wanted a theme for the album (laughs), because when I was working on The Celts and I had a theme for every piece of music, the first thing I did was to turn around to Nicky and Roma and I said it would be nice to have a theme (laughs) for the album but after a while I started to write my own music.

There are instrumentals, songs in English, songs in Irish and one song in Latin. I sing in Latin and Roma wrote the words in Latin. It is very funny, but Cursum Perficio, where we got those words was on Marilyn Monroe’s doorstep, the last place she lived, that was what she had written outside her door.

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