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Yanni – Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico



Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico is Yanni’s most recent release – and first to feature live material from his 2011 release Truth of Touch album. Yanni proves that he is still capable to mesmerize a big audience, and the new songs sound even better live.

I think live albums are fantastic, and in New Age music we have far to few of them. I’m willing to forgive low audio quality in order to hear artists perform before a live audience. There is something almost magical in the communication between an dedicated artist and a welcoming audience, and the result is music with a much more dynamic sound. Live at El Morro is just that kind of album. Yanni and his band create an atmosphere that you can hear the audience responding to. Yanni is a true performer. It is impossible not to feel the positivity and joy within each song. The album has, by the way, excellent sound quality for a live recording.

The opening song, Truth of Touch, sets the mood for the album. It is as powerful as it is beautiful. It is in many ways the perfect live song, with its unforgettable melody.It is also nice to hear Yanni present the songs and tell small stories behind them, like Felitsa and End of August. Ode to Humanity and One Man’s Dream are excellent in terms of performance.

There are no surprises here – but that is OK. Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico is a fantastic recording from the no. 1 performer in our genre. Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico was also released as a PBS television special.

Score: 93 / 100 – see how we rate albums here.