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Suzanne Ciani – Seven Waves


Suzanne Ciani’s SEVEN WAVES was originally released in 1982. “It was my first commercial album, and it took two years to complete,” says Ciani. “SEVEN WAVES is special for me because it expresses my love for and fascination with early electronic instruments. With this album, I blended my classical-romantic sense for melodies with the astounding possibilities offered by electronics.”

“Because most of the instruments on SEVEN WAVES no longer exist, this recording is a historic footprint in the evolution of music, unique to its time yet still valid today,” concludes Ciani. 

With a portfolio that boasts music from the Xenon pinball machine, the sounds for the Meco Star Wars theme, the Atari TV commercials and the electronic sound effects in the original Stepford Wives film (amongst many others) the mutant electronic-music CV of Suzanne Ciani is proof that in a 1970s commercial world of boys toys, monopolised by male dominated advertising industry, a woman’s touch was the essential secret ingredient to successful sonic seduction.

The album is available on Bandcamp:

Recently, and rapidly, enjoying a new resurgence amongst fans of all streams of electronic, experimental and neo-tantrik music, Suzanne Ciani is proud to collaborate with the Finders Keepers/Bird family to present a new generation with the record, seldom celebrated this side of the Atlantic, that truly turned her career from behind the scenes library composer to a leading light in modern American electronica spearheading the musical new-age movement and drawing indelible parallels with krautrock, early techno and electronic soundtracks.

Instruments used on SEVEN WAVES:

Sequential Circuits Prophet V
Roland MC-8 and MC-4,
Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer,
Buchla Series 200,
Synclavier II,
ARP Pro-Soloist & String Ensemble,
Oberheim OB-X,
Bode Vocoder,
Eventide Signal Processor,
Eventide Harmonizer,
Marshal Time Modulator,
Ursa Major Space Station, Emt 250,
Necam Automated Console,
Steinway Piano.

For more information and music samples, visit sevwave.com