Best alternative New Age music album 2013



What is an alternative New Age music album? you might ask. My answer is that this is an album that is true to most genre conventions, but at the same time does something completely different. Since New Age music is a genre situated in the borderlands between jazz, pop, rock and classical, mixing of genres is not uncommon. Indeed, this where some of the most interesting music comes to life.

This year’s best alternative New Age music album is When Emotions Fade by Transcend With Time. It is rare to find artists that combine prog rock a la Dream Theater with New Age music. But on this album it is done with style and finesse. In our review we wrote:

This is most likely the only dark and gloomy album I will review all year. But interestingly enough, its therapeutic qualities is perhaps even greater than most positive and uplifting meditation albums. In all its somber rain and waning light, to quote two of the song titles, is a life force processing life’s hardships and moving on – better and stronger. If that is not healing music, I don’t know what is.

If you want a break from always positive, high flying New Age music, then this is the album you need. It is 100 % truthful music. Also make sure to read this interview with the artist. The album is available on Bandcamp.