Best New Age Music Releases 2016


2016 has been a great year for New Age music! The number of releases is still very high and the year have given us many memorable albums.

Here are’s 2016 top picks: 

Best New Age Music Album 2016

With Seay’s debut album “1 Voice” (2005), and the seasonal “A Winter Blessing” (2007), it was clear that a new star had entered the New Age music scene. This year’s album from Seay,  “In the Garden”, is in every way a magnificent release! It is positive, uplifting and has a clear message.

Here’s what we wrote in our review:

“A hallmark of great art is that it makes you see the world with new eyes. Seay’s “In the Garden” is such an album. There’s so much beauty everywhere, and Seay makes us appreciate it all – from the deepest oceans, via the human spirit and into space. In a world where there’s so much focus on negativity, we all need to take a walk in Seay’s garden. It is a feel-good album in every sense of the word.”

The listeners on New Age Stars Radio have also been enthusiastic about “In the Garden”, and several songs from it have been on our Top 10 list for months. Not only that – the album spent 5 weeks on the Billboard New Age Music chart.

“In the Garden” is truly a one-of-a-kind album! Also take a look at the amazing cover. What an artwork.

Visit the artist’s homepage here, or read our complete review.

Best New Age Music Debut Album 2016

Samer Fanek quit his job as a software developer to become a full-time musician. It was a good choice; wow, what a debut album “Wishful Thinking” is!

From our review:

“I’m not going to imply that you can hear that Fanek has a background as a software developer, but there’s something about his attention to details. The songs are running with mathematical precision, executing like well coded programs. In this image, the listeners are the CPU – decoding and receiving Fanek’s musical message. There are no bugs here as far as I can tell, no blue screens. Only beautiful music. Wishful Thinking is an extraordinary debut album.”

We will for sure hear more from Samer Fanek in 2017. May “Wishful Thinking” be the start of a long and successful music career!

Visit the artist’s homepage here, or read our complete review.

Best Major Label New Age Music Album

When looking back at New Age music in the year 2016, we have to mention Enigma’s new album “The Fall of a Rebel Angel”. What a comeback for Enigma and Michael Cretu! It is both a music album and a story about a finding your way back to life after a major crisis.

You will most likely have to listen to the album a few times to get what it is really about. Enigma’s millions of fans now have a new and interesting chapter to enjoy. It’s bold, dark and a welcome return to the sound of the first few albums in this epic music project.

Check out our complete Enigma coverage here.

With that out of way, let 2017 begin! Hopefully we will get a lot of great new music to enjoy 🙂

Ribbon art by pkruger, above picture by dashek – Used under licence.