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Best New Age music Album 2013



Last year’s Grammy winner Omar Akram is proving yet again that he is among our genre’s brightest stars. This year he gave us the album Daytime Dreamer. It is a fantastic collection of piano ballads with an international twist. Akram’s songs are like musical poetry. Here you’ll hear stories of love, loss and everything in between.

In our review, where we awarded the album the score 96/100, we wrote;

At first listen it might seem like an album for contemplation and, yes, daytime dreaming. But hidden within each track are intertwining melodies and a remarkable international approach to New Age music. His use of instruments from the Middle East are a very welcome addition. Omar’s firm grip on harmonies, synth and piano arrangements are just as impressive.

At this point it feels tempting to compare him to David Lanz, George Winston and Peter Kater. But why compare? Omar Akram is finding his own way.

Daytime Dreamer is in every way a well-made album. There are so many details on each song, and every one of them has a story to tell. Omar Akram has given us an album equal in quality to last year’s Grammy winning release – and that is a major achievement.