Best New Age music debut album 2013



This year’s best debut album, Soundtracks to Life, was made by Cosmo Frequency. This is the music project to Paul Martinson and Brent Vincent. In our review we wrote:

On the first track, Cosmo Frequency sounds a bit like Enigma or Deep Forest, with the ethereal samples, a poem and lush pads. But it doesn’t last. From here we get a taste of Jean Michel Jarre, a bit of trance and dance, some 80s analogue synth music and the pop inspired World of Light. It is really a fresh and bold mix; hard to label, but all the more easy to like.

The variation in sound is a statement that we can expect great things from Cosmo Frequency in the future. It is exciting to follow artists that don’t let genre conventions stop them in making the album of their dreams.