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Enya Updates – Why is she back on social media?


Enya.com is still mysteriously down – but on other platforms, things are happening. The 7’’ single versions of “Orinoco Flow”, “Caribbean Blue” and “Portrait” are now available digitally for the first time – and 4K video versions of “Orinoco Flow” and “Caribbean Blue” are also out. Her Twitter and Facebook pages have also new posts. After years of silence, why post anything now?

Here are the singles:

We thought that Enya.com was down due to a technical problembut all this new activity on social media makes it somewhat more likely that a new album is underway, perhaps a late Fall/November release.

We don’t know anything specific, but why else should her social media team break the silence at this stage? It is not like Enya needs any publicity, and the PR effort she is doing now also involves taking risks. And Enya does not take risks without a reason. Rereleases of “Orinoco Flow” and “Caribbean Blue” are nice, but not necessary. It all looks more like groundwork on a campaign that started with “Christmas Secrets” back in December 2019 and may bring us some new material in the not so distant future. That’s why Enya.com is down too; the “Dark Sky Island” theme was outdated, and the below updates were not enough to relaunch the page. That will happen when a new album is being announced. This is a great time to be an Enya fan!