Jim Ottaway – When Eternity Touches Time


In early June 2020 Australian electronic musician and composer Jim Ottaway released his new electronic album “When Eternity Touches Time”. It is Jim’s 15th international release.

Jim says that “When Eternity Touches Time” follows on from some of his more recent electronic albums including “Timeless E-Motion”, “Yesterday Passing”, “Invisible Vortex” and “Power”. The album is made up of twelve tracks all touching on the themes of eternity and the heavenly realms.

Here’s the title track: 

The album covers many sub-genres of electronic music including Berlin school, melodic electronic and ambient. Jim hopes that listeners will experience all the possible joys of eternity through the different tracks and sub-genres of music.

Jim explains that the tracks chosen for the album were recorded over the last few years with additional recordings added on each track in the first half of 2020. Recording and production were completed in April 2020. Jim composes and records all his music in his home studio situated at the foothills of the beautiful Springbrook Mountain on the Gold Coast, Australia.

All of Jim’s last seven albums… “Beautiful Desolation”, “Beyond The Purple Sun“, “Yesterday Passing”, “Deep Space Blue“, “Timeless E-motion”, “Southern Cross” and “Invisible Vortex” received nominations in world-wide music awards.

Jim received two awards at the Zone Music Reporter Awards in New Orleans in May 2018 for his albums “Deep Space Blue” (Best Ambient Album) and “Timeless E-motion” (Best Electronic Album). Jim is hoping that “When Eternity Touches Time” will also be warmly accepted by listeners and radio programmers around the world.

To find out more about Jim and his music, visit his website: www.jimottaway.com