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Today The Song Gardeners release their new single, “Reveal”. It urges women to take control, let their voices be heard, and “reveal the stories of their lives”. It is a catchy and well-made pop song that will hopefully inspire women and serve as a reminder for men.

The Song Gardeners is a San Francisco Bay Area band featuring Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe. Chris Day left the band recently. In June last year, they debuted with two original songs, “Love Flows” and “Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu” (May All Beings Be Well). Then they followed up with “Altered State”, “Love Is The Magic Of Change” and “Warrior of Light”.  Their message of love, equality, and peace is wrapped in a unique and delightful mix of pop and New Age music – and today’s new single, “Reveal” is no exception. It is produced by David Scheibner.

Corrie Dunn and Mary Gospe

“Reveal” is, according to the band, “an invitation for women across the globe to break free of outdated patriarchal, religious and cultural norms that keep them silenced and hinder their choices and freedom of expression.” The single contains chant sung by Gospe in Farsi, Spanish, and English.

To reveal what this is all about, I suggest that you first watch this music video. It is amazing!

I’m very impressed with the production. Notice how the intro’s Eastern flavors are replaced by a powerful pop arrangement containing both analog strings and a guitar. Indeed, there are even hints of 1980s hits, making this into something truly inspired, genre-defying, and even global. Listening to “Reveal”, it is safe to say that The Song Gardeners have found their sound. This is their expression.

In a world still dominated by men, songs like “Reveal” are essential. You could listen to a song before going to a job interview or before embarking on a creative project. Because your voice deserves to be heard and you have something interesting to say. It is a powerful and possibly life-changing message.

When dealing with a song like “Reveal”, it is easy to focus on its meaning from a philosophical and political angle. But make no mistake about it: “Reveal” is, simply put, a great pop song! It is a superb addition to The Song Gardeners’ discography. This is a great time to become a fan; join the movement!!

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