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Kidney for Bhikkhu

Five years ago Bhikkhu Schober, the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of New Earth Records, had a massive heart attack which immensely effected his life and caused his kidney to begin to fail. Bhikkhu is now ready to receive the gift of a new kidney and he “trusts that the right person is out there” for him.
For nearly three years now, Bhikkhu has been on peritoneal home dialysis. Despite these tough circumstances, he has still been working and publishing music for healing and meditation.
KGNU Community Radio hosted Bhikkhu on their New Age reality program called Living Dialogues. We invite you to tune in and learn more!
Click Here to Stream LiveBhikkhu’s Blood Type: O+

If you are O+ blood type and interested in donating a kidney to Bhikkhu, please use the contact information below.

Email: bk@newearthrecords.com
Cell: 505-930-9670
Home: 303-444-1064

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