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Terry Oldfield’s Web Channel



Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati have just launched a Web TV channel called Muse4u.tv.

Terry writes:

Muse4u.tv is a developing concept with many special interactive features. Since this is an online HD TV channel, we will be featuring our own crafted films covering various genres, including: Documentaries, Interviews, with many well known personalities. Insightful films with a philosophical ‘reflective’ presentation. We’ll also have shows covering health issues with natural remedies, talk shows (many will be interactive) We will also feature music, and music tutorials. Details of these shows as things progress, will be on news feeds which will duplicate on various supporting social media sites.

Along with TV, we’ll also have our own radio shows, and a membership system that will allow members to gain access to special & unique features.

We will have advertising much like TV, but members will be sheltered from this much of the time, but general viewing will include adverts – most will be relevant to the nature of the site.

The founding creators & Directors of this concept are: Myself, Soraya Saraswati and Chris Bishop, though there will be many outside contributions. The technical aspects of this wonderful TV Channel have been created by Stephen Bishop, an amazing programmer, though content is copyright to Myself, Soraya Saraswati, and Chris Bishop, unless otherwise stated.

Since this TV site is new, its content will be minimal to start with, especially during its beta testing period, but this will rapidly change, so stay tuned. Membership is free and forum activity is welcomed – This TV channel is for YOU if you care about our planet, you have an interest in your health and new ways of dealing with stress. Genuine friends you can talk to, and information about what’s really important … this site is for YOU !

Visit Muse4u.tv